HD Franchise Accountants join EWIF.

Our specialist franchise accounting team are excited to have joined forces with EWIF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) to help support business women in the franchise sector.

EWIF is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers which provides guidance and resources to women who want to get into franchising or want to franchise their existing business. Spearheaded by our accountant Sophie Jones, we will be offering expert accountancy support building on our extensive experience working with franchises.

The number of women in franchising has increased over the past few years thanks for groups like EWIF and in 2018, 30% of franchisees were women. Franchise businesses are ideal for women who are looking for flexibility and independence. For women who haven’t run a business before, buying a franchise offers an opportunity to invest in a proven business model with the backing of the franchisor.

EWIF offers women advice on paperwork, set up and encouragement, and has a network of experienced contacts who have been through the process themselves. With regular regional meetings and a wide range of resources the organisation makes it easy to get involved. Find out more about EWIF.

Setting up a franchise business or expanding your business through franchising has lots of advantages but the financial side of things is a little different than accounting for small businesses. Reporting, tax structure, fees, payroll and tax planning need to be considered right from the start and a chartered accountant with experience in franchise accounting can help with this.

We’re looking forward to working with EWIF and their members to continue to encourage women into franchising and ensure that they can access expert accountancy support right from the start.

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