Real-time Finance Information

Access online real-time information from your books at any point, on any device. Know how much money you can take out at any instance. It is easy, efficient and stress free. Saves you time and energy to focus on what your business does best.

Product Features


Just take a picture of your receipts and upload it to the system! Or simply click through the drop down options and enter directly into the portal on your PC, tablet or mobile.


Generate professional invoices in under a minute. Save time by sending invoices automatically to your customers via your phone or tablet on the go.

Bank Statements

The system can import your bank statements and match them to detect incorrect data, duplicated entries, and other possible mistakes.

Real Time

No need to worry about overspending, the dashboard will tell you how much you owe and how much you can take out in real time.


Keep track of your cash flow wherever you are. Access on phone, tablet, laptop or PC, allowing you hands on, flexible approach of your finances.

A Breeze To Use

We have made sure the portal is intuitive and hand in glove with your needs, you won’t see any irrelevant extra functionality.

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